Has there been any work done to correlate the propensity of the Tritan to stick to the tooling as the moisture content changes? Theoretically would the Tritan be more or less likely to stick when the moisture content goes up?

Very interesting question. There is a great deal of work that has been done and continues to determine the optimum level of moisture in Tritan for injection molding. Tritan sticking is more a response to mold cooling than moisture level. The guideline for drying Tritan is to dry Tritan to a final moisture content in the pellets to 300-500 ppm (0.03-0.05%) as determined by weight loss measurement. This level of moisture in the pellets should eliminate sticking if the mold has uniform and adequate cooling.

I have an issue with the screw stalling during recovery. I am testing a mold using Tritan MX731. I have adjusted the barrel heats from the low to high end with no improvement. If I switch back to PP or PS the problem goes away.

Any thoughts on this?